I create products that make companies more profitable.


I created enterprise-readiness features that served high priority needs for 17% of existing customers, including all of the largest clients. This enabled go-to-market to target new business with organizations that have an annual contract value 2-3x the average customer.

Stellar Health

I designed reporting and gamification features utilized to optimize care for 800k patients. These features helped a large health system generate $20m in surplus revenue.

Virgin Pulse

I created AI / ML features for a consumer behavior change experience that 87% of users said changed their lives. Along with my data visualization and reporting work, these features helped secure a 95% retention rate among existing customers.


I designed a pricing page that increased yearly plan signups from 12% to 31%. I created an onboarding UX that reduced new customer churn from 30% to 18%. My work helped drive financial growth that led to a successful exit for the founders, investors, and employees.


My client work alone funded a 7-person design team during a dry spell. I helped build the digital presence used by millions of customers for some of the largest brands in the world: Jack Daniel's, Progressive, Sanofi, American Eagle, Santander, Ocean Spray, and more.